Backup system improved

August 12, 2008

We recently updated our backup system. Now Toggl makes full backup of the data in every 3 hours. Data is encrypted and stored in multiple independent locations. We’re hard at work to keep your time safe :)


Toggl Widget for Mac and Windows

August 6, 2008

We just launched Toggl Widget that can be used with Mac and Windows (it uses Adobe AIR technology).

Feel free to check this out:

iGoogle gadget

July 2, 2008

Christian Decker has created a nice iGoogle gadget for Toggl Timer. Check this out:

Server upgrade

July 1, 2008

We’re beefing up the processing power of Toggl backend tomorrow. It may happen that there will be some downtime – we’re trying to make it as short as possible.

UPDATE: The upgrade was successful. All systems should be operational. Please let us know if you have any problems.

Classic Toggl available again

May 26, 2008

We just put the classic Toggl version back up again. When logged in, just click on the ‘Old version’ link in the upper part of Toggl screen.

Right now you have to click on this link every time you log in. After a few days we’ll have an updated version which will persist the setting, so you don’t have to select it every time.

We will fix our mistake

May 26, 2008

We have had an overwhelming feedback requesting to keep using the ‘old’ version of Toggl.

Vox populi – vox dei, as the Romans used to say. We’ll put the old version back live later today (it takes time as there are some compatibility issues that need to be resolved). And both versions of timetracking will be available.

We promise not to make any more such harsh switches in user interfaces in the future. And we’ll keep the ‘old’ way of timetracking up until there is a widely accepted new version that works for both ways.

New release today

May 22, 2008

A new version went live today. Major thing that changed is the ability to track start/end times for the task.

Also, the old version (without the Toggl Timer) is discontinued as of today.

Get detailed information at: