Toggl Desktop update

An updated version of Toggl Desktop is available. It now has similar features as Toggl Timer (including task start and stop times). The version will be upgraded automatically.

9 Responses to Toggl Desktop update

  1. Been using the Toggl Timer Widget (Adobe Air/Mac) for a little while. Last week I finally upgraded to the newer version it had been reminding me of. And again today.

    The updated versions however have no way of closing Toggl out without doing a Force Quit. Any way we could get an older version that closed out correctly until you can fix the problem?

  2. Alari says:

    We’re looking forward to post the fix as soon as possible.

  3. Also, for some reason I lose the toggl icon in the notification area – love the new look though.

    Looking forward to the release.

  4. Alari says:

    The force quit issue is resolved with the current version.


  5. Great news! Thanks for an awesome product.

  6. Dennis Wandke says:

    What about the download page on They is down for about an hour. Some informations when it will be come back?

    so long

  7. Alari says:

    It’s fixed. Thanks for the notice

  8. Christian says:

    Toggl Timer Widget (Adobe Air/Mac) simply crashes on startup. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling AIR and the Widget, no luck. Love the website and I’m looking forward to the tagging feature. :D

  9. Alari says:

    There is a new Widget available. Adobe AIR has also a new version up. Please reinstall the widget, it should be much better now.

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