New release today

A new version went live today. Major thing that changed is the ability to track start/end times for the task.

Also, the old version (without the Toggl Timer) is discontinued as of today.

Get detailed information at:


4 Responses to New release today

  1. JMG says:

    I think that removing the old version without the time is the worst idea since Adam decided to take a bite off the apple. How can you force everyone to have a new browser window open? what was the problem with maintaining the option?

    I’m definitely considering dropping Toggle, me and my 100 people team, over this. Sad to see breaking what used to work right.

  2. Alari says:

    I’m sorry to hear that.

    We had several reasons to drop the older version:
    * Many new users did not understand that they have to click on the Start button to track time
    * Many new users did not understand that they can edit time by just clicking on it – thats why we reverted back to Edit link
    * Close task functionality was a confusing thing for many users
    * Many users requested that Toggl should take up less space on the desktop
    * It was hard for us to maintain software code for the half-dynamic half-static page setting
    * It is easier to use Timer concept for the upcoming iPhone/mobile phone version of Toggl

    A quicker way to use Toggl for time tracking would be to log in using the link:

    This way you can just use one screen or tab on the browser for timetracking purposes

    We really want the new one to work for you.

    Please let us know what are you missing from the new version?

  3. t-dub says:

    Woo-hoo! I’m excited for the new changes. I definitely support getting rid of the old version; the Timer version is definitely ideal for me.

    I was wondering if an update to the desktop version was upcoming to mirror the various changes that were made? I like the flexibility of being able to track time without having a net connection and then syncing back up once I find some net access again.

  4. JMG says:

    Hi, Alari, thanks for the response. I’ll definitely give your suggestion a try, i think it may work for me.


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