Feedback problems

Lately we have had two unfortunate occasions, when the mail server that sends us the feedback from Toggl, failed us. These failures were caused by a glitch in the mailer configuration, but we’ve fixed that and made sure it won’t reproduce. We’ve also added a fail-safe to keep any new comments from getting loston the way. However, this means that some of your comments on Toggl may not have reached us (even if Toggl showed you that it had been sent) :(

So if you sent us a bug report, questions or something else and we haven’t replied in a while, please, send it again. We’re really sorry for this inconvenience. You live and you learn, I guess. We certainly learned our lesson from this :)


5 Responses to Feedback problems

  1. Juliana says:

    does toggle have a problem with Mac? I just tried to download and it is stuck on “loading…”…any ideas?

  2. Kristel says:

    Hi Juliana,

    Unfortunately Toggl doesn’t support Safari at the moment. With Firefox, however, it should run quite well on Mac, too. What browser are you using?


  3. D! says:

    Can i enter a due date for a project with toggl? This would be awesome if i could!!!

  4. Kristel says:

    Hi D,

    This is a great idea, thanks! :)


  5. Mike Thatcher says:


    I just tried to signup (twice ) and this is the message I got back.

    Application error (Apache)

    Change this error message for exceptions thrown outside of an action (like in Dispatcher
    setups or broken Ruby code) in public/500.html


    This is the only contact form Icould find on the site (you might want to have a look at that)

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