Toggl goes Desktop!

Ian Turgeon from has done some remarkable job on Toggl API. Yesterday he published a Toggl Desktop widget for Windows and Mac, developed with Adobe AIR.

Widget shot

Here is the direct link to the installer: Toggler Installer

Please note that it’s an experimental development, and you may run into bugs. Toggl ‘official’ desktop client is in the works and will be published soon.


3 Responses to Toggl goes Desktop!

  1. Tom Elliott says:

    I downloaded both AIR and the desktop widget. Not very useful. In fact, after I log in via the widget, the window disappears and doesn’t ever appear again. Essentially not working. I’m on FF2.0.0.6/XP.

  2. Ian says:

    Tom, thanks for the info… I’m not associated with Toggl in any way so don’t let my app look bad upon them, and be sure to send feedback my way. Its fly by the seat of the update software, but I’ll see if I can’t replicate and fix your issue.

  3. Peter says:

    Wow, I can’t see any issues with it, slick and works very well. Would be good to add a “new project” button but otherwise very good. I like it.

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