Toggl goes Premium!

We’re very glad to announce that as of version 0.12.0 Toggl supports Premium functionality. In addition to all the basic features you’ve all grown to love, you can now upgrade your workspace to enjoy new cool stuff:

  • Adding hourly rates to workspace, clients, projects and project members
  • Reports show calculated billable amounts
  • Exporting and printing out professional looking reports
  • Uploading your own logo that will show instead of Toggl logo
  • A good feeling from supporting Toggl

You can upgrade your workspace for only $5 per month! This offer stands until 1st of September this year, after which the subscription fee will be $19 per month for one workspace. Upgrading cost doesn’t change based on the number of projects or users (meaning that you can have 5, 10 or 50 people on your team and still pay only $19). Premium functionality is accessible to all members of the workspace.

All features that have been free so far, will remain so forever…

Try it out and let us know, what you think!


3 Responses to Toggl goes Premium!

  1. $19 per month are far too much – Harvest et al. offer many more features for that money. I liked the $5 support, I would keep paying that, but for $228 annually I would buy a software to install on my computer or servers, or go to sourceforge for a open source solution. I also can’t expense that kind of money for an individual solution, and if I would buy this for my team of 27 people, we’re talking about ~$6,000 annually. I guess I will cancel my premium membership in September then.

    As for the “professional looking reports”, I hope there will be some improvements, Harvest does look great, but I don’t like the UI.

    I am using a lot of office2.0 applications, and the prices sum up now to a multiple of “owned” software – and as all are to some extent still beta, I don’t even save the time of updates, bug fixing, or install problems. The latest glitches of Skype also make me wary of reliability, so “collaboration” and “ubiquity” seems to be the only advantage right now – I wonder if that is worth >$200 p.p….

    My 2cents,


  2. Kristel says:

    Thanks for your comment, Thorsten. I’m afraid I probably should have explained it better (I’ll fix it right away) – $19 will be the monthly fee for the workspace no matter if there are 10, 20 or 100 members. We don’t charge $19 for each Toggl user in your workspace. We also don’t limit the number of projects you can have in a workspace. I hope this encourages you to still keep using Toggl Premium.

    Also, the functionality currently available in Premium version is just a start. We have several ideas for further improvement and new cool things are in the pipeline :)


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