Helpful hints #3: Finishing a project

August 31, 2007

Next in the series we have the ending of a project. Once all work on a project is done, the only thing left to do is archiving it. This way you can clear up your screen for new important things.

Let’s get to it then. For example, let’s close the Application design project for Small client.
Finishing a project #1

To do that, you must first click on the project name. This will open up the Edit project view.
Finishing a project #2

Here click on the Close project button which will pop up a confirmation question.
Finishing a project #3

And you’re done! The project is closed and hidden from view.
Finishing a project #4

Now if you wish to see your closed projects, click on the Show inactive projects link and there you have it.
Finishing a project #5

From the Edit project view you can reopen the project, too, if necessary. And that’s all there is to it :)


Toggl goes Desktop!

August 23, 2007

Ian Turgeon from has done some remarkable job on Toggl API. Yesterday he published a Toggl Desktop widget for Windows and Mac, developed with Adobe AIR.

Widget shot

Here is the direct link to the installer: Toggler Installer

Please note that it’s an experimental development, and you may run into bugs. Toggl ‘official’ desktop client is in the works and will be published soon.

Helpful hints #2: Completing a task

August 20, 2007

Completing tasks is the next big questionmark for many Toggl users after manual time entry, so this is what our next tutorial is about.

Marking a task as completed is useful to keep the Tasks for today bar uncluttered. This way you can clear away the tasks you won’t need to track time on anymore this day.

To begin, you have to have at least one task.
Completing a task #0

Step one is very simple. Just click somewhere on the task to expand the view. You will then see the links for completing or deleting the task or changing its date.

Now click on the Task completed link.
Completing a task #1

In step two click on the Yes in the confirmation popup if you’re sure. This will mark the the task completed and hide it from the Tasks for today column.
Completing a task #2

Done! The completed task is now removed from the Tasks for today column and you have a link to the reports section (if the task had today’s date).
Completing a task #3

We recommend to close the tasks daily and make new ones the next day. This way you can always get aggregated information from the reports.

There are some ideas to make the task-handling more seamless in upcoming releases but more of that later on.

Helpful hints #1: Manual time entry

August 15, 2007

One of the most frequent questions we get is about changing time of Open Task. So here is a step-by-step tutorial about the issue.

Step one – you need an open task. It doesn’t matter if it’s running or not.

Changing time #1

Step two, click on the time (either running or stopped). This is what you should see. Click on the Stop the time link and let’s continue.

Changing time #2

Step three. Enter the new time for the task. Easiest is to use 23 for 23 minutes, or 1,5 for 1:30 hours. You can enter time in many ways – more formats are described in the FAQ.

Changing time #3

Final step – Press Enter or click anywhere on the screen to save the entry. That’s it!

Toggl goes Premium!

August 9, 2007

We’re very glad to announce that as of version 0.12.0 Toggl supports Premium functionality. In addition to all the basic features you’ve all grown to love, you can now upgrade your workspace to enjoy new cool stuff:

  • Adding hourly rates to workspace, clients, projects and project members
  • Reports show calculated billable amounts
  • Exporting and printing out professional looking reports
  • Uploading your own logo that will show instead of Toggl logo
  • A good feeling from supporting Toggl

You can upgrade your workspace for only $5 per month! This offer stands until 1st of September this year, after which the subscription fee will be $19 per month for one workspace. Upgrading cost doesn’t change based on the number of projects or users (meaning that you can have 5, 10 or 50 people on your team and still pay only $19). Premium functionality is accessible to all members of the workspace.

All features that have been free so far, will remain so forever…

Try it out and let us know, what you think!