Weekly reports fixed

For quite a while Toggl had an issue with showing tasks on the wrong day in the weekly reports. We’re glad to say that it’s finally something you don’t have to worry about. As of version 0.11.27 the bug has been fixed – all users can see their tasks on the correct date regardless of the timezone they’re in.



6 Responses to Weekly reports fixed

  1. Not precisely on topic, but somewhat related. Just started using Toggl. Still trying to get the hang of it. Two questions:
    1. If I forget to shut of a project when I stop working for the night (and it keeps on ticking overnight!), how can I edit the actual time I spent on a job?
    2. How can I get it to show the actual start and stop times for a project instead of (or in addition to) the duration?

  2. Kristel says:

    Hi Morty,

    as an answer to your first question – you can edit the time spent on a task. You can do so from the Tasks for today pane for open tasks or through the reports page for both open and closed tasks. Just click on the time to correct it. Actual time for a project is calculated by summing up all the time of all tasks under it, so after correcting the time on your task(s), it will be accurate again.

    Secondly, at the moment we don’t have the possibility to show project start and stop times, but it sounds like a feature many could benefit from. So we’ll think about adding it to Toggl sometime in the future :)


  3. Thanks!

    Any chance you can let me know when you add that feature?


  4. Kristel says:

    Certainly, we’ll keep you posted.


  5. urlnotfound says:

    Tried signing up on Toggl.com, but I get this error:

    “1 error prohibited this user from being saved

    There was a problem with the following field:

    * E-mail address 554 5.7.1 : Relay access denied ”

    It doesn’t matter which e-mail address I use. Appears to be a problem with your web server.

  6. Kristel says:

    Hi, you were absolutely right, there was a problem with our web server. Thanks for letting us know. It has been fixed.


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