German and Spanish languages in Toggl

Toggl now experimentally supports the German and Spanish languages. If you find any inconsistencies or would like to suggest improvements don’t hesistate to give us feedback.

Hint – you can change the language under My Settings.


6 Responses to German and Spanish languages in Toggl

  1. Chris A says:


    I really like your tool. Is it possible to access the data also through a webservice or somthing similar, so I can make a Toggl desktop widget? Or even better – Is such a tool already in development?



  2. ChrisW says:

    Danke schoen! er, I mean, Gracias!

    I’m really enjoying the use of this app, and I’m finding that it’s helping me be more productive as I identify time sinks that I didn’t know existed. I know that toggl is principally targeted at those under the tyranny of the billable hour, but has anyone looked at the personal productivity market?

    I’m increasingly dependent upon my GTD Tiddlywiki implementation, and I find that my toggl account is a logical extension of the information I keep there. (now, if we could find a way to combine the two– it’d be like peanut butter AND jelly!)

    Thanks again for a really useful tool.

  3. Dennis (dennus) says:

    Hi! I have been using Toggl in the past. Haven’t used it for a while. Logged back in yesterday to find out you did something with my idea to keep the clock ticking even if a user accidentally logged out. Anyway, I just wanted to ask you what happened to the forum? And…. do you need any help translating the site into Dutch?

  4. Kristel says:

    Chris A, you guessed it, we’re already working on a desktop version of Toggl :) We hope to bring it to you all soon.

    Thanks for your kind words, ChrisW, and we’ll see what we can do about the peanut butter and jelly ;)

    Dennis, we remove the forum because for a while there we had almost no real users and got buried in spam. We’re considering re-opening it, however. And any help in translating Toggl to more languages is most appreciated. We’ll send you a mail with the specifics, thanks :)

  5. Dennis says:

    Please do!

  6. Gerard says:

    Great news folks, happy to hear about that feature. Talygen will remain my favourite time tracking tool.

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